Friday, November 19, 2010

WAD: The Westside Arts District

(logo and map images courtesy of WAD)

(The Delights of Nature, Jen Bradley)

As tomorrow is the third Saturday of November, the art galleries on our side of town, including Emily Amy Gallery of the BrickWorks, are gearing up for the Westside Arts Walk.  All participating art spaces are located roughly between Howell Mill Road at 14th street, and the intersection of Means and Marietta Streets.  Just west of Midtown.

Comprised of ten different spaces, including 8 galleries, plus Octane Coffee and the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, WAD offers locals and visitors alike a free opportunity to view art, meet artists, and learn more about the contemporary arts scene in the city.  The third Saturday of each month, WAD puts on an arts walk during which many of the galleries will feature a lecture by an exhibiting artist, a musician playing in the gallery space, or a film screening just to name a few past events.  As several of the participating galleries, including Get This! Gallery and SALTWORKS, have openings tomorrow evening, their new shows will be previewed during the walk.  In the case of Get This!, the artist Veronica De Jesus will be giving a talk at noon as part of the walk to the backdrop of her solo show which opens hours later.

If you plan on heading over to the Westside for the WAD walk tomorrow, be sure to stop in at the BrickWorks, as Emily Amy Gallery is located here!  EAG recently had an opening featuring two New-England based artists, (including the image found above by Jen Bradley), whose works will be up for viewing during the walk.  

All galleries are open free of charge, and the Contemporary is just $5 to enter (members free).  All sites have free parking as well.  The featured galleries include: Emily Amy Gallery, Sandler Hudson Gallery, Kiang Gallery, TWIN KITTENS, Tanner Hill Gallery, Astolfi Art, Get This! Gallery and SALTWORKS.  More complete information about tomorrow's walk and about individual shows can be found here.  Be sure to grab a beer up on the roof of 5 Seasons Brewery after finishing your tour of the Westside galleries, its supposed to be sunny and 68 degrees tomorrow.  All the more reason to get out and see some art.