Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 Seasons 6th Annual Giant Pumpkin Tapping!

6th Annual Giant Pumpkin Tapping!  

Thursday, November 1st

It is SCARY to think that Halloween is already here. This fall seems to be just flying by! And as you know we're always ready to celebrate a new season at the drop of a hat. So we'll be ushering in the cool weather with our 6th Annual Tapping of the Great Gourd! 
This time every year we release our Great Pumpkin Ale (we're always waiting on the Great Pumpkin). We brewed it with over 400 lbs of fresh, local, organic pumpkins. For Thursday we actually fill a HUGE pumpkin weighing over 300 lbs with the beer, then drive a tap directly into it and then pour the beer straight out of the pumpkin! It's a lot of fun. We'll tap at 5 Westside at 7:55 PM.